Stonehurst Family Farm health and safety

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Stonehurst Family Farm health and safety

Health & Safety first

We want your visit to Stonehurst Farm to be both enjoyable and safe. Stonehurst Farm is a working farm with livestock, play areas and outdoor activities. It is important during your visit to behave responsibly and to supervise children on all areas of the farm. Please observe any safety notices around the farm and also to note the following hygiene advice.

The Risks

Many farm animals carry germs including cryptosporidia, campylobacter, salmonella and e-coli. You don't need to remember these names, simply that people can catch them and suffer stomach pains and diarrhoea. Germs may be present in droppings and elsewhere on the farm and, unfortunately are most likely to be passed on during Spring and Summer.
Children are always the most vulnerable because they do not appreciate the need for personal hygiene. They could pick up germs from eating with dirty hands, or sucking grubby fingers.

Feeding Animals:

Animal Food can be purchased from the Farm Shop we recommend that you use the feeding buckets provided to avoid the risk animals biting while feeding and for your own hygiene. Do not hand feed any pigs.

Precautions You Can Take

  1. Do not eat or drink near animals or until hands have been washed. Take notice of any signs stating that food and drink should not be taken into specific farm buildings or areas.
  2. Eat food only in designated "CLEAN" eating areas separate from areas where animals are kept.
  3. Take care to keep hands and feet away from mouths after touching or handling young lambs or other animals around the farm
  4. Wash hands as soon as possible under running water after touching animals, and ALWAYS before eating. The farmer should provide taps at each point where people leave farm buildings
  5. Take notice of signs stressing the importance of washing hands.
  6. Never drink from taps around the farm unless they are marked "drinking water".
  7. Never eat or taste animal feed stuffs, raw milk or similar items.
  8. Young children should be closely supervised to make sure these precautions are observed. Bottle fed lambs and calves are especially tame and may suck children's fingers, after which hand washing is necessary.
  9. Hands should be washed at the end of the visit before leaving the farm.